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Meet our Dogs!

Miss Lou Lou -AKC Corgi
DSC_0019 (1).JPG

Lou Lou is the newest member of our pack. She has not had any puppies yet. Her temperment  is what you expect in a Welsh Pembrook corgi. We can't wait to see her first litters. She has perfect coloring and disposition.

Princess Winnie-AKC Corgi
DSC_0009 (1) (2).JPG

Winny is the matriarch of all my Welsh Pembrook corgies. She produces great puppies. She is the sweetest dog and passes it on to her babies

Mr Humphry -AKC Basset
DSC_0017 (1).JPG

Humphry is our foundation Basset Hound stud. He has beautyful markings and conformation. He is sweet and mello. He produces great looking puppies.

Princess Kira -AKC Corgi
DSC_0007 (1).JPG

Kira is my clown dog. She is black and white. Kira loves attention and wants to be the center of everything. She throws beautiful puppies. She is another examle of what a corgi shouldl be.

Mr Bandit-AKC Corgi (STUD)

Bandit is our foundation stud. He is a perfect example of what a Welsh Pembrook should be. He has a sweet disposion and loves to play with his squeeky toys.

Miss Princess Ginger-AKC Basset

Ginger is our clown dog. she loves to play with all the dogs.

She has wonderful confirmation long ears and beautiful markings.

we are pleased to breed her with Humphrey they will make beautiful pups.

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